Advice on motor and gear combo

Hi, I need some advice on picking a suitible electric motor and gear combo for a project.

In short, I need to lift approx. 1/2 kg of mass at a speed of 0.5 m/s. The mass should be able to hold still at any given time. The simpler the design, the better, since cost is an concern.

Having poked around, choosing gear type seems to be the area where im most lost. I would love to not have to implement some sort of braking system for the mass to be held up when the motor stops, but rather rely on the gearbox to do this automagiclly. As far as i know there is two ways to do this:

  1. Worm gear, but im unsure if that type of gear suits this type of project (small, rather high gear ratio and speed).

  2. Have such a big gear reduction that the mass cant turn the motor regardless of gear type. This seems unpractical since this gives little control and might not always break equally at all times (mass at different speeds).

Is there a better option, what should i look for?

Thanks in advance!

0.5kg at 0.5m/s against gravity is 0.5x0.5x9.8 = 2.5W minimum mechanical input. Allowing for losses in gearing that suggests about 5W electrical input as a ballpark figure.

Does the arrangement have to be drum+cord or leadscrew or belt or any such requirement? If you are free to choose the mechnical drive mechanism then leadscrew has the potential to act as passive brake (if the pitch is small enough). However you then need a leadscrew, and I've no idea on how far this load has to move. 0.5m/s is high for a leadscrew too, but I suspect its high for a worm-gear too.

A fixed load could be given a counter-weight to reduce the amount of braking force needed.

More information would help, don't leave us guessing solutions that are obviously inappropriate once one knows the application...

I am relatively new to this and can only give references to some guides as of the moment. Disregard their products, just look at the guides on this site (links to external sites):electric motor range / gearbox. The brief and simple overview can help you make an informed decision.

You don't have to confine yourself to the guides I've linked above, as they are just one of the many company websites, relevant to motors and the like, which have guides on their site.