Advice on my fyp :(

I'm doing a final year project that requires me to create an app and an indoor navigation tracking module for the user. The module will track the user's current location and movement in an indoor environment (office, workshop,etc) and provide constant feedback to the app. I am planning to use Unity to create a simple floor plan map to resemble the test environment where the user will walk around. The only problem is that I have no experience with app development as my background is more in electronics engineering while my partner is from mechanical and I was tasked to do the software and electronic side of the project which I'm kinda stressing out as I am currently taking an online course to teach me programming x Unity from Coursera but it doesn't seem to be progressing well. Personally, I don't see this project being able to materialize due to my lack of knowledge and limited time but I would still like to give it a try. Any electronics and software advice? thks! :frowning:

Is this not just a repeat of your previous posts, it seems to be the same subject ?

As you yourself stated in the other thread, and were reminded of, there are indoor positioning systems available such as Posyx.

Aside from the problem of implementing IPS modules for tracking the user's current location/position. Is it possible to connect Arduino MCU via Bluetooth module to an electronic phone app that ill will create? I've seen a few examples but most of it didn't really give much info/instructions/steps to do it

Martyn Currey is the dog's bo!!ocks when it comes to Arduino and BT.

It's trivially simple though: BT just talks serial to an Arduino. For my simple needs I just used an off-the-shelf BT terminal from the app store. Send an x or a y or whatever from the terminal app on the phone to the BT module, and read that into the Arduino, and use that x or y or whatever to do stuff. As far as the Arduino's concerned, it's really little if any different from reading stuff in from the serial monitor.

Specifically, start here on Martyn Currey's site.

thank you!!!!

At its simplest you can use a BT06 Bluetooth adapter to send serial text from an Arduino into an Android app such as Blueterm.

is this like admin view in “among us” game?