Advice required on new 'Inventors Kit' for tech dummies

Dear Arduino forum people,

I am working on a University project with a leading mobile telecom company to offer an 'Inventors Kit' that would include, among other things, SIM cards and maybe RFiD tags. The kit should allow you to build something that would allow different devices to talk to each other through WiFi or mobile lines.

If you were a beginner with regards to technology, what devices and instruments do you think you would need in a Starter Kit (i.e. gyrospcope, LED lights, wiring, etc.). I'm open to whether your suggestions include Arduino or not or even something else like Raspberry Pi.

Any advice or suggestions you would provide would be highly appreciated and the more details the better.

Thank you!

Tech dummy

It sounds a bit high tech for a beginner to cope with to me. There are so many ways that sort of stuff can go wrong and the code to drive it is a bit long and complex for a beginner.

Look at the basic sensors you get in a Lego Mindstorms set and have the equivalent of that pluse add Bluetooth.

Thanks Mike!

We're trying to find a balance between attracting beginners, but also people who are a bit more savvy when it comes to technology. Don't you get beginners buying Arduino as well? I've seen photos of young children playing around with Raspberry Pi as well so I'm a bit perplexed about how advanced our kit can and should be.

Your comments and advice would be highly appreciated!