Advice to buy "3 aixs Gyroskop+ accelerometer + magnetic field Sensor"


i want to buy my first "advanced" sensors. I was looking for Gyro and Accelerometer in the first place.
Many modules i found on sparkfun are very expensive and mostly only have one sensor.
I found:

Module chips: L3G4200D+ADXL345+HMC5883L+BMP085

As i have no special needs and just want to play, it seems pretty good to me.

Any suggestions and tipps about this board?

Thats definitely good value if you need all those sensors - basically a full set for quadcopter IMU.

I bought a 9 DOF board, but it has not proved helpful with my Quadcopter, since I already have the Gyro board plugged between the receiver and motors. The Acelerometer sensors only keep it roughly level, not in one place horizontally like GPS. The compass was not as good as the one I already had. But I learned a lot from it!