Advice wanted: programming book for Arduino


I've been playing with Arduino for about a year and I'm happy that for the most part I can figure out the electronics and wiring. Where I'm struggling is with the 'advanced' coding. Things like pointers, changing variable types, creating my own libraries,...

So, I would appreciate recommendations for books or online resources that will help me.

Thanks, Albert.

Where I'm struggling is with the 'advanced' coding.

There is no one book that is going to help. Any good C++ book will be a big help, but will not be designed specifically for the Arduino.

The Atml data sheets are good for specifics on programming the Arduino, but don't help much with programming in general.

Google is a great resource for specific topics.

I'm a big fan of Kernighan and Ritchie, and while their book only covers C, not C++, a lot can be done with Arduino without writing any C++. Libraries however would be an exception, and K&R of course is no help there, but there are various how-tos around the web. There is a school of thought that says don't learn C first, just learn C++, so I wouldn't discount that, either. has a decent C++ tutorial.

PaulS & jack,

Thanks for the recommendations. I sue to own a copy of Kernighan and Ritchie C book about 25 years ago but it’s been lost in the many moves. I’ll start with and see how I get on.
I’m trying to use libraries by reading the sample code and sometime the syntax and coding is beating me.

Again, thanks for the advice.

I like Programming Interactivity, Second Edition It covers the basic's of programming and contains a lot of good Arduino information.

I suspect Si might be along in a bit.