advise to my project and idea

Dear all

My project have to install sensor or switching to check Probe.

please see my picture

advise sensor or switching with one best for me.

and location for install it.

Thank you all

Are you trying to sense contact at the probe or sense that the probe bar has been moved down?


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you do not show how you know you have touched the water. you do not tell us what your sensor is doing.

if your probe touches water, you can have s sensor that will show the point of contact and then signal your Aruino that water has been sensed.

then what ?

From the picture you point on the red dot on the left side so I understand that you wanna put there a sensor that will stop your machine in the exact point from the surface, right?

You will need to put the sensor/button (metal leads) to the exact location you need to stop the vertical axe.


Dave-in-nj, it is wafer, not water.


weedpharma: Dave-in-nj, it is wafer, not water.


if(dave-in-nj){ digitalWrite(glass,HIGH); }

might use a resistive strain gauge on the arm if it has any deflection. detect the change in resistance on an analog pin.