ADXL 335 Supply Voltage


I'm looking at an old project I did right now. It's got a ADXL335 Accelerometer attached to it. It's rated for 1.6-3.6V. However, I just realized I'm supplying the thing with 4.8 volts.

It's still giving consistent output that doesn't jump around. The values are really high, but if they're consistent, should I worry about my high supply voltage?


Is there a regulator on the board?
Do the Vcc pins on the ADXL335 measure 3.3V?
Does the part feel hot?

Could just be a matter of time to failure if the answers are No, No, Yes.

Absolute Max:
VS: −0.3 V to +3.6 V

'The Vcc pins' means the voltage difference between the + and - inputs, right? If so, they are definitely not 3.3v.