ADXL313 Accelerometer help

I'm trying to rearrange the binary numbers. I'm getting zero for my x and y which is correct, but when I move it just a little bit, the number goes to 127 which means that I need to organized the bytes. I'm trying to read register 0x33 before 0x32 for the x value, 0x35 before 0x34 for y value, and 0x37 before 0x36, but I don't know how. If anyone knows how, please let me know!
Below is the code that I'm using to read the data:

// === Read acceleromter data === //
Wire.write(0x32); // Start with register 0x32
Wire.requestFrom(ADXL313, 6, true); // Read 6 registers total, each axis value is stored in 2 registers
X_out = (| << 8); // X-axis value
Y_out = (| << 8); // Y-axis value
Z_out = (| << 8); // Z-axis value

C/C++ does not guarantee the order of execution of operations within a line of code.

This is safer. Rearrange the shift as required.

int t = << 8;
X_out = t | (; // X-axis value
t = << 8;
Y_out = t |(; // Y-axis value
t = << 8;
Z_out = t | (; // Z-axis value

Now it's giving me random value instead of 127 when I move it a little bit and for the z axis value is 127.

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