ADXL335 accelerometer direction of Motion tracking question

Hi I have a ADXL335 accelerometer install in a glove.

I want to program it in a way that is able to track the direction of hand movement like (Up, down, left, right) and wrist movements like tilting.

Is it possible to do that? Because when i go search online move people are just tracking the change in angle. Instead of hand movement.

Thank you

With just 3DoF (degrees of freedom) its not possible to separate linear acceleration from rotational forces - however you can separate long-term information on orientation from short-term acceleration bursts (which have a higher value than 1g - perhaps you need to discriminate between periods when movement is rapid and when it is slow (during which orientation information should be more accurate)…

6DoF will give much more information, as used in IMU units for flight-control in quadcopters etc.

all i need is short-term acceleration bursts it doesn't have to be super accurate too. I just need it to be able to detect the action has happened.

I have been trying to find sample codes that detects it but I couldn't find any.

Thank you