ADXL335 and Arduino UNO R3

Hi everybody in Arduino Forum Good afternoon. This is Anam, I would like know, is it possible to take data from two ADXL335 sensors by single arduino board? If possible means, how i could do that?

regards Anam

The ADXL335 has 3 analog outputs and the Arduino Uno has 6 analog inputs. So yes, you can connect two ADXL335 to the Arduino Uno.

That sensor needs 3.3V. So use the 3.3V pin on the Arduino Uno to power both sensors. The analog outputs of the first sensor could be connected for example to A0,A1,A2 of the Arduino Uno, and the analog outputs of the second sensor could be connected to A3,A4,A5.

After that, you don't have any spare analog input, and also a i2c bus is no longer possible. If you want more inputs and i2c you can always use the Arduino Mega (or even the Arduino Leonardo). Or you could use an analog multiplexer.