ADXL335 with Arduino UNO problem.

Hi guys, having a little trouble with my accelerometer.
I have that the connections from it to the uno as:
with a jumper on the UNO from AREF to 3.3V.

The UNO doesn’t seem to connect to the computer when the VCC-5V is connected, no led on or anything and lots of error messages. With it removed it connects and the code uploads but I get values of 0 on all three axis. When I have the VCC-3.3V a similar problem arises but this time I get only maximum values on all axis. I understand why I’m getting these values as I need to be connected to the 5V on the UNO but it’s just not possible as in doing so it makes the arduino not power up. I have tried using an additional power supply to the UNO but to no avail.

I appreciate I’m probably missing something very simple as I am new to this so please be kind and offer any advice you may have.


If you have a multimeter measure the resistance between the VCC and GND pins of the ADXL IC, they're probably shorted and therefore you can't use that IC with the Arduino.