ADXL345 Accelerometer Sensor Connection Problem!

Hey all,

I've been able to successfully read in values from an ADXL345 accelerometer from an Arduino Uno by connecting them with short ~10 cm jumper wires (stranded). I use 3.3 V VCC, which is within the range recommended by the data sheet. However, I want to extend the accelerometer from the Arduino. I tried using 40 cm lengths of 22 AWG wire (solid & thicker than jumper wires), but then I read all zeros. I made sure to connect every wire carefully to the required pins.

Does this suggest that the input voltage drops too low given an increase in resistance by the wires? How do I correct for this problem?

Thanks for your help.

Are you using I2C? If so, what is the value of the pullup resistors? With the longer wires you may need a lower value pullup.

No, I am using SPI.

Is there a resistor pull-up on the Arduino itself that I can lower in value?

What speed SPI are you using? If you are using a high speed, try a lower one.