Hello I am new to the forum, novice as they say, but I would like to challenge themselves in creating a position measuring system, is a project that I had thought some time ago '..... And for this I was thinking of using the sensor 3-axis ADXL345 which is very comprehensive, but also very complex, someone has already experienced this sensor? I found many codes, but none that made ??me understand how it can set the three axes to 0 on power up, and started to work from there ...
Let me explain I wanted to make a position control, 4-sensor ADXL345, which placed on 4 pillars of a bridge from the workshop, where I work, just lit it should be set to 0, then I should start measuring.
However, when moving the columns I went out to a certain value, they should play with a small buzer ... All 4 sensors I will feed them with batteries ..... 2 stylus ..?
Does anyone have a suggestion about ............... ??
Thank you.

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