ADXL377 Code question

Hello all

I am using the ADXL377 accelerometer to read g force values. Does anyone know how I can code my arduino to give me the raw voltage data? I need a code that will allow me to collect the voltage. this will allow me to skip the step of callibrating the accelerometer. If I have the accelerometer hooked up to 3.3V (arduino uno) I can convert the voltage my self to g force. At -200 g, the voltage will be 0. At 3.3V the g force will be +200 g. This will allow me to convert voltage to g force.

Can anyone help me figure out the coding for this? It should be fairly simple. I am absolutly terrible at coding and I am inexperienced with arduinos. Any help would be great. Thanks.

This is an analog output accelerometer. Each axis outputs an analog voltage corresponding to the magnitude (and direction) of the g force on the individual axis. For example, on each axis, 0v means -200g, 3.3/2v means 0g, and 3.3v means 200g.

Use analogRead() to measure the voltage.

An example comes with the Arduino IDE.