Aerodynamic and Design of RC Aircraft model (BiPlane)

Hello everyone.
I’m planning to build an RC aircraft.
Well, I searched and understood how an aircraft works. Here is a good explanation.

But there are lots of questions in my head, like what dc motor should I choose? Well about the motor I think a 5V brushless DC motor like this can be a good choice. Then which type of propeller and what size to use? Should I use a gearbox with the motor? If so, then what should the gear ratio be? Something more than one or less than one?! I have a quad copter it has very small dc motors and a gear which lowers the speed but increases the torque (I’m not sure how I should say it, 1:5? Or 5:1?)
So other questions are about the design, this article has good explanations about wings. But there are many factors I have to know before start designing and then start building and purchasing needed parts. So if anyone can give me some information or suggest me good sources for example any website or a small electronic book, or even a good and complete design of an model aircraft, I’ll be so thankful.
About electronic part of this project, I think an Arduino nano, and “tower pro” micro servos (1 servo for every wing, and 2 servos for the tail), a brushless dc motor, And an nRF24L01 and a suitable LiPo Battery is all what I need.
Finally here is the video of a similar project which made thinking of building mine. This guy has a very good knowledge about designing these aircraft, if you see his other videos, he has built several real aircrafts!!

There are Forums dedicated to the subject of designing model aeroplanes and aerodynamics, such as RCGroups.

You might get the odd Arduino user who knows the topic well enough, but RCGroups is full of them.

Selecting the right propellor, motor, gearbox, controller, battery and wing shape has nothing to do with Arduino.

Build and fly models first, using conventional RC control systems, maybe after you have enough experience of build and fly you might consider an alternative method of control.

I know a bit about designing model aircraft but there is no way to answer any of your questions because you have provided no useful information.

You can't start choosing a power system without knowing how large and heavy the thing is that it must power. Then you need to know its performance characteristics, a racer or aerobatic plane needs a lot more power than a slow flyer and so on. So get some basic design parameters sorted out.

BTW the motor in your link is NOT a 5V motor. It is specified for 3S or 4S Lipos so 11.1V or 14.8V.