hi guys, some of you might know I got a this RC/arduino plane, sorry for the trouble,

I'm using nRF24L01+ on both transmitter and receiver.

Here's the question......

How would I address the datas that was gathered from my transmitter side to be send or applied to the right servo on the receiver side?

I mean how would my receiver recognize that this data was that it received was meant for a specific servo?

sorry guys, just can't figure it out.

but thanks in advance

I've never used one of those tx/rx pairs but ottomh I'd say you need to send a byte that identifies the servo, as well as the actual data which I assume is the position.

So you send something like a comma delimited pair "5, 82" or "3, 48". Then the receiver uses the first character as say servoNumber and second as servoPosition.

Then in maybe a switch/case you do a:

switch (servoNumber)
  case 5:

  case 3:

Something like that?

Have a look at this Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

The easiest way to identify which value is for which servo is always to send all of the values and always in the same order. If you put the values into an array the sending and receiving will be very simple.

Unlike sending data using Serial which works byte by byte, the nRF24s send and receive a complete message as one block and they include a lot of behind-the-secenes error checking.


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