Affordable prototype PCBs for surface mount?

I have a 2x4 inch design that needs a SMD device (TQFP32) and two side routing with plated holes/vias. It is not going to work as isolation milling b/c of the smd, and I don't think I can laser print it/transfer b/c of the double sided. ITead and the other cheap Chinese shops are all down until February b/c of the new years holiday. What's a good place to get an affordable one-off board made?

I would google for a tqfp32 breakout Top hit was:-

Hmm. That might be an option. I do have some differential signals that want length parity and avoid vias, though. ?? ?? ?? ??

also check sources at

I only have experience with (1 order, done well) and iteadstudio (3 orders, first 2 done well, waiting on 3rd delivery) skyjumper is having good experience with

How about Olimex (

The dipmicro tqfp32 adapter is discontinued from their site but I've gotten that exact same one from for a decent price.

They're pretty good but they sometimes forget about your order if something is on backorder and you have to harass them. Otherwise very cheap with good (tiered) shipping prices and reasonable delivery times from Asia to NA.

[quote author=Chris Magagna link=topic=87452.msg657401#msg657401 date=1326840026] How about Olimex (


I don't know. Have you used them?

The feedback on "I used X and it worked" is great; thanks everyone!

I have been trying to get a dense board that was autorouted in eagle thru the Olimex design rule check (DRC) (and this board has way more stuff than a 2 layer board as a right to have!). Can't get there with Olimex, too many clearance issues. Same design passes iteadstudio just fine - my conclusion is that the Olimex build process cannot handle the levels of professional build work that iteadstudio can.

An additional issue is the minimum order size. Places that order by area generally have a minimum that costs too much.

Here's what I can find: international circuits: $125 pcbexpress: $109 pcb-pool: $65/$120 (w/o or with mask) ap circuits: $57 / $85 (w/o or with mask) expresspcb: $51/$61 (w/o or with mask) olimex: $30

If I can pass the olimex DRC, that might be pretty competetive. Anyone used them?

Also, I have one part with square leads (a connector). Seems these places don't like overlapping drill hits. I wonder what I can do about this... Other than specify a big hole :-/

iteadstudio: $9.90 plus ~$5 shipping for ten 50mm x 50mm PCBs. $24.90 for ten 100mm x 100mm PCBs. 2-3 week delivery depending on where you are.

expresspcb, $51 for 3 boards. No silkscreen/soldermask. Put your Reference Designators in copper. $5/in2 for three boards. So if the board is 2" x 4" that’s $40 and you get three boards. Order larger quantities in multiples of three. High quality boards, made in USA I believe, a bit quicker turnaround than the offshore houses if you’re in the US. He doesn’t guarantee it, but often the boards will be ENIG finish. But I’ve ordered several times and actually, that’s all I’ve ever received. Looks like the site is participating in the blackout today.

Mr. Christensen,
Does dorkbotpdx have a .dru file for checking eagle files with?

Mr. CrossRoads,
Please … Jack is fine!

Yes, they do, I’m attaching it and the CAM file since they’re doing the blackout thing. I’m pretty sure they’re original…

LaenPCBOrder.dru (2.1 KB) (7.86 KB)

Cool, thanks Jack. Robert

FWIW, I'm going to try laen/dorkbot for my order. I was contemplating ExpressPCB, but could not figure out how to import an Eagle board into their custom software. Their site didn't have any obvious instructions on how to do that, either. If this works out, it's a great deal IMO! Purple is pretty, too ;-)