After change the micro arduino don't fund

My arduino uno not work very well to do some actions, (but i could program it ) So I decided to change the micro. Buy two ATmega328P-PU with the loader on ebay . I put one of the new micros and it did not found appeared the message "vrdude: stk500_recv (): programmer is not responding" I put the original and not let me load programs and put me the same error. Now arduino, does not work with any processor, that could have happened? motherboard is broken? thanks

Is it possible that you rotated the chip the wrong way?

Pictures showing the right way:

Very likely, I've been handling IC's for years and occasionally I still make that mistake... the frustrating thing is I KNOW how to read a board for chip "polarity" too


I have a feeling that some >15kV jolts are in play here. Washing hands before handling electronics can significantly reduce erratic behaviors from static charges and of course a grounding strap is best. If you touch anything on a laptop or the metal on a desktop before handling ICs, you will notice a difference. I remember when I was 14 and took out a whole set of 640kB DRAM DIPs (later tested ever chip, not one survivor) but not holding onto a plugged in case. Worked a while in the NW and I could nearly comb my hair with DRAM DIPs.