After power off/on, no function with an ESP 8266 and one SSR relay

Hello to all,

I've got strange behavior after power off the ESP 8266, restart it and no program is running. For test I use blink. It's only happens with an SSR relay. The controll LED stops blinking. If I flash again, everything works fine.

I tested with a led only, everything is fine. After power off/on, led starts blink again.
To use the reset button on the board gets no effect.

Use pin 15 and this relay

Hope someone to find here with a good idea.



My good idea is to tell us you are using a DC SSR and not an AC SSR.


Sorry, it's an AC. 3 to 32 DC and 24 to 380 AC.

Solved! ;D Go from pin 15 to 4.