Again: Header files

Hi all,

I would like to visually inspect the standard header files (e.g. avr/io.h or avr/interrupt.h), but are unable to locate them on my Mac. Can someone give me a hint?

Thanks, Thomas

Can you do a simple search for io.h in your Arduino folder? That's where mine are in Win7 machine.

It's a bit confusing because if you update to a new Arduino AVR Boards version using Boards Manager that requires a different version of AVR-GCC than is included with the Arduino IDE then the versions of these files actually used will be located under your /Users/(username)/Library/Arduino15 folder but if you're using an up to date version of the Arduino IDE they should be located at {Arduino IDE installation folder}/hardware/tools/avr/avr/include/avr

Thank you very much, that helpĀ“s!