Agentuino prevents digitalWrite()

I'm using an Arduino Ethernet, and have found that it is impossible to digitalWrite() to a pin with the Agentuino library loaded. The code progresses, the write apparently occurs, but with no voltage shift. I've tested this on 1.5.4 and 1.0.5. I've filed a bug, and reached out to the author, but this seems like a pretty fundamental flaw, and was wondering if anyone else can confirm it that has an Arduino Ethernet, or better yet the Ethernet Shield. Basically add the code from to Agent.pde (shifted to pin 6 per note below). I also added a Serial.println to confirm this behavior.

edited to add additional information based on second comment.

If you are using an Etherenet interface you are probably using pins 10-13 for SPI. The "Blink" example uses Pin 13 because that is where the built-in LED is connected. Try it with a pin that does not conflict with SPI.

Aah fair point, I shifted my code to pin 6 because of that, and forgot to note that in the OP. I apologize for my lack of clarity.