Aggregate subforums?

Of all the subforums here there are, say, 4 that I regularly read. I click them one by one and see if any interesting posts have appeared.

I would like to see a feature where, under a user's configuration, there was a checkbox for each subforum. All the posts in the selected subforums would then appear under a new virtual subforum "My Aggregation" ::)

I just use the RSS feeds... I hardly ever visit the forum homepage.


I just use the RSS feeds...

:o Why have I never thought to do that!? haha

Why have I never thought to do that!? haha

Umm, no comment ;D

AHA! by commeting "umm no comment" you have commented, thereby contradicting yourself, therefore you are an idiot! ;D

No, but I am the idiot: how do you view the rss feeds?

Well, here's another idiot. I can see an "RSS" button at the bottom of the page when viewing a forum, but is seems to only "validate".

You go onto the sub-forum, say this one: Then click the RSS button which is about 2-3 inches down on the right.

Do this for each subforum is the best way.