AGV Serial Motor Control with Sabertooth Simplified Serial Arduino Libraries

Has anyone tried to use the Sabertooth Simplified Serial libraries to implement motor control? I’ve reviewed the code published by J. Dingley in 2011 which seems to be the popping up everywhere in forums. His work demonstrates how to implement <SoftwareSerial.h> to ramp motor speed up and back down again. I’m really new to programming so I have been trying to use the <SabertoothSimplified.h> libraries to implement very basic vehicle control. I wrote the code below which runs but not very well at all. What I really need is some guidance on the basics of how to implement differential control (tank style) steering to guide an AGV along a path. I’ve attached a copy of the code by J Dingley and a copy of mine. The overall project objective is described in the Sketch header. Any suggestions or help would be really welcomed…!

AGV_Range_Test.ino (4.93 KB)

Sabertooth_Test_Code.ino (5.38 KB)