Ah blimey! I bought the wrong survo. Alternatives?

Blimey! I bought the wrong survo! You know it’s bad when I say blimey because blimey isn’t even in my vocabulary… but there it is. Blimey!

Surfing on ebay, I bought a couple “360 degree” survos so that hands attached to those could point to something on a labeled cardboard wheel on command. however, I’m controlling speed and not angle. Bleh.

Is there such thing as a 360 degree survo that is angle controlled? Any good links you would recommend? What about modding my survo? Is there something I can re-attach (reading up a bit more now).

Thanks for the advise in advance. I think I’m over the anger now, and am transitioning into depression… Ok I’m done with that now too.

Also, what kind of internet application would you make with a continuous motion survo? Right now I’m thinking webcam control, a bell ringer, hmmm…

Here’s the product:

They are normally used as robot drive wheels...

I am developing 360 servos with inbuilt encoders. Therefore you can send step commands to get an angle.

Hopefully finished soon.


Nice! I'd be interested in those when they come out. PM or email me please. :)

You can get a multi turn servo like below where you can position it as desired. If your setup isn't too fancy and doesn't require a lot of torque, you can make a simple setup to make a regular 180 deg servo turn a spool 360 deg or more.


That’s a cool link and refreshing to know. My project will require very little torque or speed. It’s going to hold a clock-like hand that points to something on a dial. I’ll read more into the 180 mod option.


You probably can do what you want using a small piece of wood for support, a nail, two different sized plastic bottle caps, some string, and hot glue to put it all together. Below is a pix of a simple servo setup that used a similar setup to operate a blind control rod that required ~2 turns for full close-open-close. I like the simple (and inexpensive) solutions. ;)

I agree that cheap is good! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: