Aid for beginners

Thought this might be of help to the beginners and aged like me.
I saved a copy of the Protoshield image from the web site. duplicated, and flippeed one of the images
in an imageing program, for me Photoshop, then printed it on both sides of the paper. I then laminated it.
and poked the holes through with a sharp implement. I try to put all the components on the top side and
any linking wires on the bottom. Being as it it is an A4 size it makes life so much easier, beats trying to
work it out on the tiny board.
Draw in the component, then poke a pin through the hole to find the connecting point on the opposite side.
As you can see on chart1, the Gnd, 5v, and the long pads are not easy to see, so on chart2 I highlighted
them before lamination, as you can see so much easier to find.
Hope this idea is of as much help to others as it has been for me. Ernie

Ps followm the links