Hello all.

I am new in the Arduino environment. I am reading the "Practical Arduino Cool Projects for Open Source Hardware". In the time laps camera controller project the author advises to use Aiko in the sketches that involve delays. I already download the AIKo events, but I do not know How to install it into the library.

Your help is appreciated. regards, Manuel Silva

Manuel, I'm glad to hear you want to give Aiko a go! It's pretty cool when writing sketches with complex timing interactions.

Recent versions of Arduino allow libraries to be installed in two places: either inside the "hardware/libraries" directory inside the Arduino installation, or inside a "libraries" directory inside your sketchbook.

There's lots more information about libraries in chapter 16, in the section called "Writing An Arduino Library".

Also, there's a Google Group related to Aiko and the main developers are all on it, so if you have other questions that's probably a good place to start:

Jon Arduino compatible with built-in prototyping area:

Jonathan, thanks for the information. I will give a try if I can not install it, I will ask again.

Regards, Manuel