AIO to IoT Cloud

I hope I can state my case clearly.

Background (brief)
I need to monitor the water levels of two (2) water tanks. These water tanks provide water for 62 households. Currently the only way to determine the water levels is to do so manually, which is very inefficient. We were recently forced to install wifi at each tank and this prompted me to build wifi micro controllers with distance, temp and humidity sensors which could be viewed and acted on 24/7.

I have all the wifi and sensors working properly, but the AIO feeds do not work properly. I could go into great deal on this subject, but for now, will not go there as I want to maintain a positive attitude and continue to make progress with this much needed project.

I am using an Adafruit Feather MO WIFI board which I like for several reasons one of which is that I can connect LiPo battery to it and so on.

Can I use this board to connect to IoT Cloud?

If the answer is 'No', then I also have in my possession an UNO and a brand new UNO WIFI R2 board, which I hope will work for this project.

All of this said, I need some advice on how best to proceed. I really like the fact that Arduino has an IoT app.

Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions provided.

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