Air flow sensor

Hello, everyone.

I would like to know, when I breath in with some air flow sensor. The idea is simple, for now, I put sensor near my lips and breath in, sensor should sense my breathing and send so data to Arduino.

I would like to know, does anybody know anything about using air flow sensors? If so, I would like to know more information (URL, circuits, etc.) about air flow sensors compatible with Arduino controller.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards, Simas

It could be something like breathing sensor.

Looong time back I saw a system which had 2 sensors - tiny thermistors - placed in a pipe, few inches from each other. When the medium (gas, liquid) flown through the pipe the temperature fluctuations were measured by both thermistors and a computer calculated a correlation of the both signals. A proper math may give you the speed of the medium as the output. A nice weekend project.. :)

Thanks for your advice, but I need more information, how to do this, some useful URL or pdf for doing this.

Try for a thermal example.

Thanks for all your advices, but I need some sensor that would sense when I breath in and breath out.

Sorry, I hadnt watched all URLs you posted, guys. I found one, that does fit for me. Thank you all!

so could u post what u are looking at then please.

some one else might gain from the info

Here's the URL