Air Hogs

I have a damaged air hogs storm launcher that I would like to use with arduino. Do you think I could use any of the parts? Here are some pictures: So what do you think?

Thanks, Jack

I'd say the joystick/switch assemblies are probably worth keeping; if you can desolder them (if they are a unit that will stay in one piece desoldered - check them carefully before you do so), they could be used for other things. If they can't be desoldered, then keep them whole on the PCB, and solder to the ribbon cables. The rest of the parts on the controller are only worth anything if you have more time than money - based on what I could see, you're looking at maybe $5-10.00 USD for the various LEDs, switches, buttons, and SMT parts (and I would bet that amount being on the high side of things). It would be cheaper and easier to just purchase those components thru a surplus electronics company. The motors and propellors could be fun for other projects; try to take them apart and/or cut away things so that you preserve the motor mounts such that they can be easily mounted on something else (then again, hot glue does wonders!)...


Maybe led indicator lights, battery holders, rechargeable batteries, buttons, servos, motors and things like that.