Air Quality Sensor

Looking for Air Quality sensor. There is no specific gas detection requirements, it is for fun, for home air monitoring. Was planning to buy CCS811, but see some articles where people mention it as obsoleted, out of production and not recommended for new design. What would you suggest?

2 of the 320,000 hits on a search for "Total Volatile Organic Compounds sensor arduino".

Thank you. Actually, I know how to use Google, I am asking recommendations from people who use it.

If its for fun, just get the CCS811 - does not matter of its out of production.

I am using a BME680 in my weather station out in the yard and in my weather station in the house.

Hi SergeS,

I bought a CCS811 at Aliexpress and tested it with several platforms. My best experience is with a ESP8266. I built a air monitoring station reporting to Thingspeak (description on my Arduino site at Wordpress. Quite satisfactory. Breathe on the device and the CO2 count jumps!

:slight_smile: Photoncatcher

What does “air quality” mean to you?

Ok, thank you to everybody who comment.
Have ordered both, ccs811 and sgp30, will play with both :-).
bme680 did not order, I have already bme280 for temperature, humidity an air pressure, for air it looks like worse then ccs811 and sgp30.

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