Airflow measuring fan? (closed)

Hi there,

So I have a system which at some points will have a rather small amount of air flow through a hose, which I would like to measure. At another point in the cycle, however, I will need to be circulating air with a fan. Is there any way to do both with one device and a measure of accuracy?


I suggest you delete one of these threads before a moderator sees it. They don't like cross posting.

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wrt the question:
Can you quantify your question ?
order of flow ? cubic feet, meters, mm per second per hour?

post a small drawing ?

Apologies: the multiple posting was accidental. Also, I've decided to go ahead and do the two devices separately, and just do a simple pinwheel with a infrared beam break to count the revolutions, then a fan further down the line.

Thanks anyway though :slight_smile: