Airsoft Bomb Prop

Hi guys I am currently building a countdown timer into an impact case, but have just discovered arduino and thinking that it is definitely the best option.

I need the arduino to have 3 buttons ((mins, secs and start/stop) the mins will plus 1 for every button press, same for secs etc.) I am also needing the mins and secs to be a reset when pressed together.

What i am hoping to do is when the timer hits 10 seconds a collection of red leds will light and turn off on each second and when the timer hits 0 they stay on until the unit is reset to 0 (min+sec key press)

can someone please tell me where to begin?

I have seen examples of timers that already exist and want them to be like the image below, only with the above mentioned 3 buttons and lights on the final 10 seconds and a continuous one on 0 until the unit is reset.

Any help is greatly appreciated and i apologise for being a noob!

Firstly you need to learn the basics of reading switches and counting the pulses.

There is a huge amount of information for beginners. We are here to help but not do the project.

When you have designed your circuit for reading the switches and written the code, post it for any help required.

Read the information under the Learning tab above.

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