airsoft bomb

I downloaded an air soft bomb code for arduino but it gave me a lot of files and i cant put all the files in just one because it shows that everything haven’t scope.

1ºimage-first folder
2ºimagel-libraries folder
3ºimage-code folder
4ºimage-code folder\menu

bomb 1.JPG

bomb 2.JPG

bomb 4.JPG

bomb 5.JPG

That is a library folder. It needs to be put in your Library folder that's in your arduino folder where your sketches are. Then you can load a example sketch and upload it from the Arduino IDE.

Yes i know but look at the last 2 images.The last 2 images are only code

i will send you the folder (674 KB)

BombPro, is the main file, and everything else are subscripts.

To see them all as one file, you need to add the folder Bombpro to your sketch book and open the file “bombpro”. You should see everything in one window as tabs.

ah ok!!! And now how can i put all the files in my arduino??? copy and paste in the bombpro??