airsoft prop feasability

Hi, I'm (a guy with an unpronounceable first name) and i would like to know some things about the arduino.

i myself have worked with a normal arduino and a small kit before, but only the pre asembled packs. (boring) I can program in C/C++/C# etc. so no real problems here.

so here is what i would like to do.

I want to recreate the "bomb" from counter strike GO using an arduino, a LCD screen, a 12 button keypad and some prop materials. fairly standard stuff i guess, i even found a project online with scematics etc... so no real challenge there....

The only thing is, i want to add some things, but i don't know if there will be pins available for it.

i would like to add a small speaker and an mp3 shield. that way, when you start the prop it'll say something like "the bomb as been planted" just to make it a little more realistic.

in short: mp3 shield on an arduino with LCD and 12 button keypad, possible?

Also: i thought about using a arduino nano, but it's probably way to small for all the things i would be fitting on it, right?

Kind regards Stijn

P.S. i'm sorry if my english is a little off, i'm a bit tired and sick (also dutch) so my brain is working a little against me right now :P

You can't put a 'shield' on a Nano so use a breakout board for the MP3 player like this: That uses 8 pins but gives you 8 GPIO pins you can use for the keypad. A 3x4 keypad uses 7 pins.

An I2C LCD uses 2 pins. A plain LCD uses 6 pins.

So that's 10-14 pins on an Arduino that has about 20. Pin count should not be a problem.


thank you, now i'm sure i can pull this prop off!

also anyone got any tips on using a 9.6v 1200mAh battery to power this all?

kind regards


Stijn_DC: anyone got any tips on using a 9.6v 1200mAh battery to power this all?

You could hook that straight to the Arduino power jack but the linear regulator on the Arduino will be converting half your power into heat. For longer battery life you should use a 5V DC-to-DC converter. They are more efficient.