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Hi there

I am new to Adruino my background is PLc’s . I am busy with a project at my home to do some home automation it will be easy with a plc but whats the fun in that LOL. I got the server to work with html page on sd card, but then I want to put standard user name and password to log into server. Now it logs in and load the web page but nothing else works and I don’t know why.

Please can somebody help.

Password_Test1.ino.ino (14.8 KB)

index.htm.TXT (16.6 KB)

House_Automation.ino (15.4 KB)

Well.. lets start with some background?

What Arduino/board are you even using?

Are you using an ethernet shield with it or something? (something is giving you network access and SD card storage)

Have you tried any of the stock ethernet shield examples? (web server examples)

Question: Is everything you want to 'control' connected to this same Arduino? If so.. then this could work as is.. if not. The how do you propose you get your 'direction/instruction' over to that device?

Saving or updating a database via some 3rd party web script (ie: PHP or whatever) wont be very efficient if the other devices have to consistently poll for this update/change in variable status.

What is the purpose of AJAX here? Just to not submit the page upon direction/button clicking?

How are you attempting to parse your submitted page response?


I am using a mega with a Ethernet shield.

The web page is on sd card in the sd card slot on the shield.

I got it to work perfectly but as soon as I implemented the password it stop working. I think it is something to do with the parsing.

Password Test

User Name :bb
Password :bb

Please I need help. I can not go forward until this part is sorted out. Please download my projects and html. page. I am pretty sure it is small problem.

Will be appreciated

Have you tried to search?

Here is one thread on it:

(and many other returned as well)

I'm at work.. so I cant check out your sketch... but how are you attempting to parse the password/username?

Thanks for the reply. I have the username and password working on its own but with my home automation sketch it opening the right web page but my ajax responce is not working . It is n bit hard to explain because i am new to Adruino. It is best to try it and then you will see my problem. Thanks again.