AL5A Arduino PS2

Hi !

Hi !

I am planning on building a AL5A PS2 controlled arm using an Arduino UNO, and I have some doubts about the code i took from the Lynxmotion website. (

Since I will be not using a Botboarduino and an arm with wrist rotation, I had to make slight modifications on the original code, such as deleting the wrist rotation commands and the speaker code. I have also assigned different pins to each servos :

However, even though there is no error in the new code according to the Arduino software, I am not sure if the modifications I did are indeed right and that the arm will not encounter problems.

Could someone please help me ?

Attachments : the modified code and the original one.

Thanks for your help

PS2_Control_MODIFIED.ino (5.17 KB)

PS2_Control.ino (5.77 KB)