Alarm/Motor project - Amateur, needs help!


I'm an amateur Arduino user (I really mean completely bare bones, I've only ever made an LED flash and get a light sensor to work)

I want to create a simple project of an Arduino board that detects sunlight (UV) and when it does it should activate a stepper motor and set off a buzzer. I'd also love for it to be able to detect temperature and connect to the internet to check what time it is...

I have all of the components needed (I think) but have no idea where to start! Any help would be appreciated!

I have:

  • Arduino UNO R3
  • KY028 Temperature sensor
  • KY006 Passive buzzer
  • GUVA-S12SD UV Detection sensor module
  • 5V stepper motor + ULN2003A board
  • Breadboard, wires and resistors

Any tutorials or diagrams would be incredibly helpful, I want to learn more about Arduino and thought this would be a good starter project but I'm stuck for where to start!

Break it into four starter projects - just wire up each component in turn and get it working by itself. You'll have a better idea how to combine them when you're done.