Alarm system

Hello all !! I will keep it short and simple.

I am in my begin stage of my project. Now I am trying to get my part list and need some guidance or ideas whatever !! My first problem is OUTSIDE. What would be the best sensor to use?. Was thinking of a IR beam (Example: a tv remote) or motion detection or laser(pointer or dvd burner (optic)). Any ideas or experience welcome :)

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Fransie: My first problem is OUTSIDE.

In what respect is 'OUTSIDE' a problem?

My first problem is OUTSIDE.

Is that an acronym?

I will keep it short and simple.

It is short, but it doesn't actually tell us what you're trying to do, so in that sense, I can't think "simple" is appropriate.

If you're trying to create an alarm system that has sensors outside, that generally isn't too good of an idea--there's a high risk of false alarms from stray animals, weather conditions, etc. What are you trying to do?


Well the alarm system is for house use. With it I want to set the alarm OUTSIDE and INSIDE the house. I want to start with what sensor would be best for distance. I do have motion detectors (scrap ones), but before I continue with that I would like to make sure there is no other options that I missed. That's when I found people that modify Laser pointers as a "wire-trap" and now I am trying to figure which way is best. If Any other question please ask :)

@ danb35

I am trying to have a good night rest with out worrying about hobo's breaking into my car or steal my stuff. That's why a I need to cover 5 to 10 meters OUTSIDE. :astonished:

I don't believe there's a single "best" sensor; choice depends on the environment and the amount of clutter and potential sources of false alarms. "Best" may also vary season-to-season, so a video motion detector that works in Spring and Summer may get swamped when leaves or snow fall. Often, the best choice is "none", just some dummy CCTV boxes with warning signs and razor wire.


Gonna try this
Maybe the laser trap + a motion sensor combination so that I don’t get false alarm.
gonna give it a try cheers.