Alarms from PCF8523 (Real Time Clock)

Hello All,

Summary: unable to generate a change in INT1/CLOCKOUT on the adafruit’s RTC (uses the PCF8523).


There are a few old threads on this, e.g.

but no clear solutions. The RTClib recommended (that I have found) does not include the alarm functions, only setting and reading the clock (which works fine). The PCF8523.h lib (Prado of radikalbytes) does have functions but no working examples of alarms.

I have the NXP semiconductors data sheet, but before ploughing though 78 pages of registers, I hoped someone might have actually used the ada featherwing RTC via Arduino IDE: if so, lib and example code would be most welcome! (And I’m posting here as I really would like to keep within the Arduino IDE… because reasons)

brief tech details
Using INT from the RTC output into ada Feather M0’s GPIO 5, setting the pin as input with pullup as required, but 'scope not showing any activity on 1 minute alarms, and numerous traps in the testbed not triggering either.

Happy to display the testbed, but mainly hoping to find a working lib + example from the excellent folk on the interweb

atb and thanks in advance