Alert System with changeable email address

Hi All,
I would like to make an Arduino alert system able to sent alert email which address is set by user.

My plan is using Labview to access Arduino IDE's .net constructor or library so I can duplicate IDE function in Labview.

User set necessary parameter and upload firmware to Arduino and then Arduino become a standalone alert system without PC.

The problem is I cannot find Arduino IDE's .net constructor or library which can control by Labview.

Any help help or alternative solution will be appreciated.

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The IDE uploads a complete sketch through AVRDUDE. You could probably get Labview to run the compiler and AVRDUDE but that seems complex and prone to error - what if you don't have those components or they move?

Create a sketch which accepts serial commands and saves the email address in the EEPROM memory. Look up the thread Serial Input Basics. Then get Labview to talk to the Arduino over serial.