Alexa can’t find the properties. [solved]

I’ve written a program that uses a cloud coloured light and uploaded it to a nano 33 Iot. It perfectly connects to the dashboard on the arduino web creator site and I can control it from there but after installing the arduino skill and connecting it to my account, Alexa won’t find the properties as new devices as suggested by the tutorials.
Both Alexa and the nano iot are using the same 2,4 ghz WiFi and everything is updated.
Does anyone know where the problem could be?.
Or does anyone even know whether Alexa is supposed to communicate directly with the board or via the cloud in some way?

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I think it's probably a good idea to put it here in the IoT Cloud Beta board, as some people who are very knowledgeable on Arduino IoT Cloud follow this board.


I got it to work: So after readding a different smarthome property it suddenly worked. I then readded all my other smart home properties and they all appeared and were functional.

For others with the same problem i would suggest updating everything, using only smart home properties and some patience i guess..