Alexa Smart Home Skill to Control Keyestudio KS0085 possible?

Hi, I just got the Keyestudio KS0085 SH Kit for Arduino and it comes with a companion app (using bluetoooth) to control and interact with all its sensors. Now I’m thinking it might be interesting to try and create an Alexa Smart Home Skill to do the same: control the kit’s sensors, but with voice.

In my previous experience with Arduino One boards, I was able to start a web server and develop iOS apps that would basically use the URL to pass instructions to the board (this was a while ago). I haven’t seen any reference to a similar option for this kit, perhaps it’s not how we’re supposed to do it these days.

I wanted to know if it is possible to control this kit’s sensors with external interfaces calling to an API. I’d like to create a testing Smart Home skill and communicate from the Lambda function to the kit’s sensors.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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