Alexa with MKR1000

Hi there, I'm trying to connect my MKR1000 to Alexa, but I cannot get Alexa to find any new devices (and it certainly isn't appearing as an old device!!).

I have my device enabled on IoT Cloud, and can control 'things' through the dashboard.

I have added the Arduino skill to my Alexa app/account and connected it to my Arduino IoT Cloud account.

Both my device and Arduino are connected on the same network (2.4GHz).

I have turned everything off and on multiple times, have disconnected and reconnected WiFis, have signed out and in of accounts, disabled and enabled skills...

I'm stumped at this stage and wonder if anyone else has had lack of success in connecting to Alexa ad figured out how to fix? The descriptions of how to connect seem so easy!

Thanks for any help.

There's another report of a similar problem here: I don't think the cause of the problem was ever found, but @SAMJBRO did manage to get it working, and provides some advice:

SAMJBRO: Update:

I got it to work: So after readding a different smarthome property it suddenly worked. I then readded all my other smart home properties and they all appeared and were functional.

For others with the same problem i would suggest updating everything, using only smart home properties and some patience i guess..

Unfortunately, I don't own an Alexa device, so I can't investigate. Hopefully someone with some experience with this will provide assistance.

Thank you very much! I took that idea, picked a totally different and random ‘thing’ that I wasn’t going to use, added it and suddenly it was found! Re-added the other and all has been good since.

Thank you very much- an odd bug, but at least workable.