aliexpress dispute

Hi, I ordered items from ali, after 2 months they are not arrived. I saw also in the tracking, the shipment still hasn't arrived to my country... I opened a dispute to get a full refund (as ali policy after 60 days not received), the seller extended other 30gg and asks me to cancel the dispute.

If I cancel the dispute to wait more days, if the items don't arrive, can I reopen another dispute before the extended time, to get my money back? I seem to remember I can't, but I'm not sure now.

I think it depends on your previous experience (if any) with seller, and availability of the item. If you can get the item from others, i'd try my luck with one of those. And i'd make sure to remember to never put in any order with that seller again. Seller has had their chance, and blew it.

I would also put out all over the internet who the seller was that burned you so the rest of us can boycott that one as well. Don't be afraid to name and shame in a situation like this. It's the only way those people get shut down.

If you are ever offered a refund, take it. Do not accept to have them resend an item, you will never get it.


I've found that compared to eBay, where I've had 99.9% good experiences, customer service is just terrible on Aliexpress and the shipping is much slower. Some of the prices are also significantly lower on Aliexpress and most of the stuff I've bought there was fine so it's a tradeoff. I think the reason is that the eBay feedback system massively favors the buyer so the seller is very eager to keep you happy. Feedback on Aliexpress doesn't seem to be such a big deal and if you want to file a dispute they always require you to make a video as proof of the issue otherwise they side with the seller even if you provide other proof. Since most of the stuff is a couple dollars at the most it's just not worth the effort to go through all that.

Thank you all, I agree on not accepting to resend items: Long ago I made this error on china ebay seller... This time he haven't proposed a refund but an extension time, if I don't accept, automatically ali should close the dispute with my full refund. After all, they say they guarantee the delivery on 2 months or money back...

This time the seller has an optimum reputation of 99.1% on more than 50000 items selled!

BTW another time I wanted money back after 2 months and all was ok, the seller accepted full refund, but told me he had shipped all correctly... After other 2 months the items arrived! So he was saying true, it was posts/customs making such bad delivery, he lost his money... and I had them gratis :) I mean, it's not always guilty the seller. Obviously, I'm referring to the gratis shipment such as China air or similar.

Why do you make always guilty the seller if there is a posts fault?

Why do you make always guilty the seller if there is a posts fault?

As an online seller that really hits home. The postal service screws up but it's me who has to provide the customer service and the refund even though the tracking clearly shows I did nothing wrong.

I ordered a relay on eBay from China. Waited about 75 days for it before contacting the seller. The time to be able to file a dispute or leave negative feedback was past so the seller had no incentive to help me out but they said "no problem, I'll send a replacement". The original order showed up a couple days later and the replacement soon after that. I contacted the seller that I owed them for the extra relay and I think they were kind of surprised that I was honest and wanted to pay, they told me I could pay half price for it. I've had a couple bad experiences dealing with unscrupulous sellers on eBay but that's out of thousands of orders. Most of them have a very good customer service ethic.

Yes, me too had a similar case, but with an England seller on ebay: he shipped me another item, then they both arrived. He wanted nothing, but to know if arrived, because he made claim to posts.
Anyway, China posts are so cheap or gratis that you can’t claim much… in fact it’s the seller who must respond. And in fact the dispute gives money back.
I’m only saying it’s not always a fault on seller, but posts; so it should not always be shamed, also publicly, for a single case.

i think after you opened up a case with aliexpress and close it, you or not entitled to open up another dispute. I would keep it open. If the item is delivered you always close the case later.

franketto: Why do you make always guilty the seller if there is a posts fault?

That's the reason you gotta get tracking, even if you have to pay a little for it. If you've got tracking then you know that someone dropped a package somewhere and someone somewhere has it or is at least responsible for it. Although disputes with the carriers don't usually go much better.

Qdeathstar: i think after you opened up a case with aliexpress and close it, you or not entitled to open up another dispute. I would keep it open. If the item is delivered you always close the case later.

Yes, I will do this. There are about 10 days to make dispute finished, so I'll wait that, if the items don't arrive I'll get the refund, if the items will arrive, I'll close the dispute. After all if after other 10gg after the 60, the tracking says items aren't still arrived in my country, they will never arrive to me neither in the 30gg seller's proposal! Maybe upto other months, but then I'll get free ;)

Hi all, I want to update this: the items arrived during the dispute, so I canceled it, after about 10 days after 60 days guarantee. So, the seller is a good seller, fault on posts... all well.

BTW: After closing the dispute, there is no dispute button to reopen it! But you can go into the finished dispute and make a dispute survey upto 15days if there are problems. Anyway you can still put your feedback.