AliExpress LED strips.

Hello! I wanted to do some RGB magic. I found some (kinda cheap) rgb adressable ws2811 on aliexpress.
It says it's 5050 but it has ws2811 i don't know. I will hand you some link here. Can you tell me are they adressable rgb 12v? And will they work with arduino? Thanks.

And will they light bright?

Thank you im newbie!

for 12V you could search for WS2815 on Ali

for 12V you could search for WS2815 on Ali

Is it better? And what are the differences.

There are two sorts of 12 V addressable LED strips as distinct from 5 V strips.

One has three LEDs per “WS” chip as three LEDs in series have a combined working voltage which efficiently utilises the 12 V available.

The other sort - one LED per chip - uses the logic chip to drop 9 out of the 12 V, so the LED actually uses only a quarter of the available power. This is ridiculously inefficient, but if you are not providing a parallel cable of reasonable calibre to inject power every 50 or so “pixels” (that is, one or three LEDs per logic chip), then the voltage drop along the relatively thin foils of the strip is much less of a problem - you can actually drop a whole 6 Volts by the end of the strip ant it still works well with this sort of strip. :sunglasses: