All A Ports Reading Weird

Was following a Paul McWhorter video and was hookin up a thing to read out the analog and does a thing when it gets to 1000 or higher.
I was turning a potentiometer and nothing changed execept sometimes jumping to 700ish, 1023 for one line every once in a while. Started trouble shooting, plugged the A0 I was reading from to ground and was still 14. Tried at A1 and got 15, A2 was 16, etc.

Any clue what's up? <3

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There are breadboards with bad contacts and broken jumper wires. This seems to happen more often lately.

Do you have a multimeter ? Can you check if a wire is good ? If you do not use a breadboard but directly put it in the Arduino board, then A0 to GND should give a value of 0 and A0 to 5V should give 1023.

The impedance of the inputs is extremely high. When a input is not connected it might go up and down with a nearby voltage.

and ckeck your potentiometer using the voltmeter, too.

We need to see good images of the wiring :wink: .

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We need info such as;

What model Arduino.
A circuit diagram.
A picture of your project so we can see you component layout.
Post a link to the YouTube (I assume) video.

Thanks.. Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

This sounds like you are printing the pin number, not reading the input! Please post YOUR code, and we will be happy to help.

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