All About The Ultrasonic Sensor

What are those little and crowded things on the ultrasonic sensor ? Can anyone tell me what are they with details or where/how can I learn it, please. I want to do a little engineering with this sensor.

See the little white letters on the silk screen? The "C" stands for capacitor, the "R" stands for resistor and the "U" stands for an integrated circuit device. The number next to the letter identifies the component as seen on the bill of material and on the schematic for the circuit board. Find the schematic for the board for further information.

Does that help?


Check out these two pages:

One microcontroller, two ICs to handle the ultrasound (one transmitter, one receiver), and a bunch of supporting components (capacitors and resistors). The two three-pin devices are probably transistors; the big silvery one on the front is a 4 MHz crystal.