All Downloads Fail: 503 Service Unavailable

Why can't I download Arduino? All the downloads take me to a page that says "503 Service Unavailable". What's up with that?

tengo el mismo inconveniente. :sleeping: :sleeping: ayuda por favor

I'm having the same issue. HELP!!

3 users with 1 post each... each user with the same issue... trolls or truth? :roll_eyes:

It might be a school project where people start all together with Arduino. It is a new school year in northern hemisphere.
Then students all face the same problem. How to download and install Arduino.

I can understand that there was a temporary DoS of the Arduino site, but I've checked this early morning and everythink worked fine.. Sound strange to me that people from different countries (I see english and spanish posts) said the same thing in the same post at similar hours 8)