all in one cable tester help!!!

Hello guys. so i'm new to Arduino's, well and most of whats involved with them. i have background in some programming ie visual basic, batch files and basic 12-24v ie car wiring. but the company i work for we build alot of custom cables ranging from basic rj cables to 9-25 pin serial cables. i was given this project to build a "all-in-one cable tester" and handed a arduino due, some buttons and a lcd that some old tech was going to use to build this thing. so i need help figuring out where to start.

so helpful learning resources is vary well come.
but i need to know if this can even be done.

I need a menu that i can select different tests per what ever cable will be tested.
I need the test to run and test each wire looking for what pin outputs to what pin. like pin 1 to pin 8 to make sure cable is not miss wired. pin to pin will have to be set in test parameters for each type of cable
and with each test i need it to print to the lcd if it pass or fail, if fail what wires so cable can be fixed.

for the physical side i was thinking of having all 50 pins go to 2 25 pin serial connectors that i can mount to the outside of the enclosure and then just make adapters for the cables that are being tested.

any helpful ideas all so welcome.

Maybe use the search feature on this site.
There are other people who have done this and ask for help.
here for example