All in one WiFi Arduino board

Hello i just wanted to introduce to everybody my own Arduino based all in one micro board that i have been working on since the last few months if any one has questions or ideas feel free to ask, I would like to have some feedback what you hink of it. best regards simon


I like oven reflow process :) What about power management, seems there is LDO for 3.3VDC device like wifi chip ? With a strong avr 8 mcu (4KB++ ram) you can use RTOS with power management optimization :) I may be interested as a very good platform for my ipcam, as battery standalone device with a small lipo, put ipcam everywhere (in wifi range) with a good battery life, seems to be a perfect iot platform. PCB is two side with home made metalized vias ?

Hi BriKS Thank's about the reflow oven :) , at the moment its just a big mess but it does the job :grin:. About the Low power version im still in development with this board but the specs will look like this:

ATmega1284p chip at 8 Mhz 128Kb of flash,16kb ram, and 4 kb eeprom everything else is the same except that in order to save power you can turn off the micro SD card, ADS1115 chip (via Transistor), wifi module and put the main processor to deep sleep. In order to wake it up from deep sleep you can use pin D6 interrupt or the internal RTC. You should also be possible to run it of 2.5 to 5V but im still testing all that. The PCB is a 4 layer PCB that i designed but at the moment i let Eurocircuit make the PCB, Assembly i do my self. Best Regardes Simon